Introducing Soapbox Points!

Two weeks ago, we made a historic move in our company’s journey and launched a monthly newsletter. (#Changeletter)

We recently made the decision to switch from pure content creation to giving busy people a way to give back on social issues, and we’re adding a twist: Soapbox Points!

As we improve and iterate on our newsletter, we want to make social change fun and keep you inspired.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

We’ll keep this page updated whenever we add or change our points system:

Subscribe to #changeletter - 20 points

Open our monthly #changeletter - 5 points

Donate to our month’s non-profit partner - 5 points for every $

Get a friend to subscribe to #changeletter - 5 points per friend*

Share Soapbox Project on social media - 1 point per post*

Take action other than donating - COMING SOON!

We’re working on giving you a way to create an account to track your progress and redeem your points - we’ll announce these changes in a few months.

In the meantime, we’ll track your points for you!

* Let us know via this prefilled template whom you refer. Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn when you share our work so we can reward you!

Nivi Achanta