Overwhelmed by climate change?

Soapbox Project creates joyful community spaces to heal our climate anxiety and loneliness through connection, learning, and action. Find your place in the climate movement with our online and in-person community!

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3 ways we help you do better and feel better.

We make climate action easy for busy people like you
through our 3-step social justice funnel 😉

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01 | Bite-sized learning

When you sign up with your email, you'll receive free bite-sized learning every week in your inbox through our Changeletters. This will help you find the issues that bring you the most joy!

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02 | Joyful connection

We regularly gather people around the world for virtual and IRL events. Climate and social justice convenings can feel scary and judgmental sometimes. We promise ours are always grounded in courage, joy, and human connection. We work with companies too!

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03 | Courageous action

When you're ready, you'll join our community either riding solo or signing up with your team at work. You'll open the door to local meetups, virtual speaker events, accountability sessions, and more!

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Taking action shouldn't be so confusing.

You want to make a difference. But you're hella busy. If you feel this way, we major relate:

Overwhelmed by conflicting information
Depressed by your doomscrolling habit
Questioning if your actions even matter
Unsure how to talk to people about this
Ready to find friends who know how you feel

Together, we are unstoppable.

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In-depth community conversations and events facilitated by Soapbox Project including expert Q&As, local action, and rage rooms

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OUR SECRET SAUCe: real humans trying their best

You'll meet incredible allies, experts, & friends.

Self-discovery & growth

This is a group of thoughtful problem-solvers and encouraging humans who are ready to be your friend while taking care of our planet. I’m constantly growing thanks to the amazing speakers who present at our community every month. I am a better person because I joined the Soapbox community and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Cambria Whitcomb headshot

Cambria Whitcomb

Early employee at Churn, a circular economy business. Lives in fuzzy jackets in Chicago, USA
Life-changing knowledge

Climate education through Soapbox Project changed my life. After hearing from Jordan Todoroff, a textiles expert, talk about sustainable fashion, I literally think differently about every piece of clothing I touch, feel, and see.

I would sign up for anything Soapbox Project offers.

Garrett Rudolph headshot

Garrett Rudolph

Senior product manager, chaotic good jokester, and player of all games. Lives in Seattle, USA
Career development

The accountability and inspiration I got from my Soapbox Project friends when we talked about taking action at work was exactly what I needed to make an impact during my day-to-day job. I wrote myself a new job description, got leadership buy-in, and even kept going after I got a "no" thanks to encouragement from this community!

Madison Kime headshot

Madison Kime

Supply chain sales professional, cat mom, and pizza lover based in San Francisco, USA
A community for humans

In a world of surface-level networking groups, the vibe of Soapbox is incredibly welcoming, inspiring, and human. I love this community because it's a place that helps me stay engaged instead of letting climate anxiety create inaction.

Sophia Wagner headshot

Sophia Wagner

Founded Mighty Deposits, a transparent banking company. Makes her own hot sauce in Seattle, USA
Creative & fun activism

My favorite thing about Soapbox is the community, as well as how well-written and clear the learning content is to consume. You are truly making following environmentalism and climate change efforts so easy and fun. Like the art walk today was so cool and creative to include.

William Farrar headshot

William Farrar

Senior BDR at Axios + hosted a game of giant Jenga at a Soapbox meetup in San Francisco, USA
Supportive connections

Through Soapbox, I’ve gotten free tickets to sustainability film festivals, recommendations for policy change, and tips to sustainably move my 401(k) from my old job. Many social justice-oriented things I read are depressing, but Soapbox Project is informative, actionable, and supportive.

Aditi Pradhan headshot

Aditi Pradhan

Works at Sundance Institute and is currently writing a screenplay in Los Angeles, USA

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