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Soapbox Project is an impact-driven media platform for busy people who want to change the world.


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We believe there’s a broken link between information and social impact. How often have you read a news article and actually figured out what to do next? Soapbox Project helps you fix the problems in your community by giving you relevant information about challenges and concrete steps you can take to solve them.

relevant & actionable news for changemakers.


Our Mission

Soapbox Project is an impact-driven media platform. Everything we do works to decentralize knowledge by sharing stories, facts, and opportunities for community empowerment. We believe that there is a broken link between news and action - we’re solving that, right here, right now.


get schooled podcast

Get Schooled is the perfect podcast for my commute. They ask the exact questions that I’m interested in a concise amount of time, making it very easy for me to follow along. Most importantly, they make learning fun for me (which is why I’m glad they’re creating this education-centered platform).



Get Involved

As we evolve, we will post more opportunities and programs for involvement. For now, the main ways you can get involved are through sponsorship, becoming an ambassador, and leading your own multimedia initiative. Find out more below or email us!


SPONSOR or partner with US

Get Schooled Podcast seeks sponsors that match Soapbox Project’s mission. If you are a socially driven product or service, please consider sponsoring our show! We’re also looking for partners and advisors who can shape our vision.


For our second initiative, a book exploring the silenced entry-level voices of Corporate America, we are looking for bright and ambitious college juniors and seniors to create campaigns explaining the importance of our work.


As we think about growing and scaling Soapbox Project, we’re looking for empathetic and ambitious community members to lead their own initiative. Learn more about how you can do what you care about through Soapbox Project.