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We believe there’s a broken link between information and social impact. How often have you read a news article and actually figured out what to do next? Soapbox Project helps you fix the problems in your community by giving you relevant information about challenges and concrete steps you can take to solve them.

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Our Mission

Soapbox Project strives to fix the broken link between news and action. Our goal is to ultimately decentralize power, and we believe an easy way to start is to make it really easy for busy people to give back.

Our newsletters, articles, and podcasts aim to keep you informed, activated, and civically engaged.


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We’ll post more opportunities for how you can get involved as we grow and scale. For now, here’s some ways you can help out!


SPONSOR or partner with US

If you are a socially driven product or service, please reach out for high-touch sponsorship opportunities! We carefully vet each of our partners so our readers and listeners know that the hard work of researching what to buy is done for them.

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If you’re looking for a part-time opportunity to build your skills, work on a short project, and contribute to your community, come introduce yourself! We accept team members on a rolling basis and the commitment is flexible.


We’re always looking for new ideas, feedback on what coverage our readers and listeners are looking for, and any ways we can improve our products. Click below to send us a quick email on how we can better serve you!


remarks on our #changeletter

“I enjoyed the style of writing - it was helpful that you outlined the problem, gave really good contextual info, and at the end ended with what you can actually do.

Aishwarya borkar,