Come to the Soapbox-hosted Community & Advocacy events at PNW Climate Week July 7-14!

Overwhelmed by climate change?

Soapbox Project creates joyful community spaces to heal our climate anxiety and loneliness through connection, learning, and action. Find your place in the climate movement with our online and in-person community!

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3 ways we help you do better and feel better.

We make climate action easy for busy people like you
through our 3-step social justice funnel ūüėČ

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01 | Bite-sized learning

When you sign up with your email, you'll receive free bite-sized learning every week in your inbox through our Changeletters. This will help you find the issues that bring you the most joy!

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02 | Joyful connection

We regularly gather people around the world for virtual and IRL events. Climate and social justice convenings can feel scary and judgmental sometimes. We promise ours are always grounded in courage, joy, and human connection. We work with companies too!

Pictures of various happenings within our community, including two members smiling and hanging out at the farmers market holding flowers, a post on how to call your elected officials, and a screenshot of a tree planting event invitation.
03 | Courageous action

When you're ready, you'll join our community either riding solo or signing up with your team at work. You'll open the door to local meetups, virtual speaker events, accountability sessions, and more!

Click this image of Nivi Achanta for a video overview of Soapbox Project

Climate action shouldn't feel this scary.

If you feel this way, we major relate:

Overwhelmed by conflicting information about the climate crisis
Depressed by your doomscrolling habit
Anxious because it feels like your actions don't matter
Isolated and not knowing how to talk to people about this
Ready to find friends who know how you feel

Together, we are unstoppable.

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Raised by readers and members for social & environmental justice causes around the world

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People who have gotten their activism journey started with Soapbox Project's Changeletter (your first step)

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In-depth community conversations and events facilitated by Soapbox Project including expert Q&As, local action, and rage rooms

OUR IMPACT is recognized by the best.
Here's what people say about soapbox events, and we owe it all to our facilitation. You can make people feel these warm fuzzies too!
"Soapbox NYC was my favorite night in the city"

Nethra Rajendran

Manager at GreenBiz who goes to 100+ events every year in NYC so this is a huge deal for us to hear!!
"This is the first time I didn't get social anxiety at a networking event"

Yuliya Bruk

Founder of an incredible community organization, Future Arts
"Becoming a part of Soapbox has pretty much single handedly made Seattle feel like home"

Neil Quillen

Musical storyteller whose email made the Soapbox team fully sob for an hour

We're ready when you are.

Get our free bite-sized climate action plans before you go!

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