Overwhelmed by climate change? Transform it into action.

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Taking action shouldn't be so confusing.

You want to make a difference, but you're overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information out there. Or maybe you're feeling depressed by all the doomscrolling you've done, even though you know it's bad for your mental health. Or maybe you're sick and tired of feeling hopeless about the state of our world. Or maybe, if you're like us, it's all of the above.

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We make climate action easy for you through:

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What's so special about joining Soapbox Project?

There are one zillion social justice groups out there and we want you to find the one that works for YOU.

Honestly, the biggest thing that makes Soapbox Project special is that we understand that all of us are real humans trying our best. We aim for progress, not perfection. And we love to have a good time despite all the ✨bad stuff✨ happening around us.

Our two core values are courage and joy, and we create opportunities to practice both wherever we can. Our community cares about each other - not just in the context of social justice! When you join the Soapbox Project community, you'll find your whole self welcomed. Weird hobbies, quirks, climate anxiety, and all.

This is for you if:

You're open to learning about how climate connects to other issues of justice

You want to share your unique gifts with others

You're trying to reduce your consumption

You want to supercharge your sustainability career

You need feedback on a business or idea you're working on

You're finding your voice to talk about climate issues and want to practice courage

You're eager for accountability and action

This is not for you if:

You're trying to just promote your brand

You believe there is ONE solution to the climate crisis

You only care about individual action

You believe individuals have no responsibility

You're running a multi-level-marketing scheme

You don't want to participate and meet others

You judge others for imperfect activism

🙊🤢❌✨Please do not sign up😜🤡🚪🙉

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You can be new friends with amazing people:

Hear what they've accomplished by joining our membership community and why they love Soapbox!

In a world of surface-level networking groups, the vibe of Soapbox is incredibly welcoming, inspiring, and human. I love this community because it's a place that helps me stay engaged instead of letting climate anxiety create inaction.
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Sophia Wagner
co-founder of Mighty Deposits, creating a transparency in banking
The accountability and inspiration I got from my Soapbox Project cohort was exactly what I needed to make an impact during my day-to-day job. I wrote myself a new job description, got leadership buy-in, and even kept going after I got a "no" thanks to encouragement from this community!
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Madison Kime
on creating an impact at Gartner
Having our cohort as a "practice arena" and actually talk through the script of social change made me a more confident and capable activist.
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Rob C.
Customer Success Senior Manager
Over this cohort, I've really developed a sense of "being in this together". Hearing others' updates keeps the momentum and accountability - this component has been the most valuable for me.
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Zlato F
working on "mindful flying" @ Google
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