Say goodbye to climate anxiety. Say hello to our Climate Solutions cohort.

This fun 6-week interactive program helps busy people like you learn about climate justice solutions, create a personalized action plan, and build accountability with new friends. We’ll transform our environmental anxiety into meaningful change together!

✅ Find a community who cares about YOU as a person
✅ Build confidence while talking and acting on climate change
✅ Understand how to reclaim your power through local action

Sound familiar?

Honestly, we get it. Most people come to Soapbox saying...

I haven't joined a social justice organization yet because it feels so judgmental

Everything is scary!

I want to make a difference but I don't know where to start

My friends don't seem to care about this stuff and I don't have people to talk to

It's hard to know how to bring up climate change in casual conversations

I love having fun!

I don't know if my actions actually make a difference

I know what I "should" do but it's hard to stay accountable to new habits

I want to live a more purposeful, intentional life

We have just the thing for you!

There are a few things that make. Soapbox Project's Climate Solutions Leadership Training different from other internet places you might be exploring. First of all, we prioritize courage and joy so you can be held as a whole person (bad days, great memes, all of it). Secondly, we offer a whole year of community support with each Leadership Training. We won't abandon you, ever. Also, it's not just a course where you learn stuff and go on your merry way; we're equipping you with leadership skills and confidence that lasts.

Next cohort: April 2023
$39/mo $29/mo

You can also pay $449 $349 annually. It's the cost of a nice dinner per month!


Our live discussion sessions will be an hour a week, announced soon. No experience required. You can join from anywhere in the world as long as you can make the weekly discussions.

I'm Nivi Achanta, your facilitator! 👋

My specialty is connecting the dots and simplifying climate and social justice so this journey is FUN and approachable. Life is just one big party, and I want to make it magical! Part of that magic is having a livable planet where everyone can experience joy. There are many ways to build towards this, and I love community building because it allows for many solutions to exist together.

I'm always available within the community to answer questions, share my thoughts, receive feedback, and lean on your strengths.

I'm architecting our community so all of us can be leaders within it, in whatever way works for each of us. I really hope to see you join; it's truly my favorite place on the internet!

Accelerate your climate action in 6 weeks

At Soapbox Project, everything we do is community-first. It's really, really hard (and sad tbh) to make a difference in the world by yourself. During this Climate Solutions Leadership Training, you'll learn where YOU can bring your skills into the climate movement, develop your personal climate action plan, understand how others in the community can help you, and even find people to collaborate with who live near you!

Here's what your 6 weeks of Climate Solutions Leadership Training with Soapbox will look like, with a sneak peek at what happens afterwards.

Between our weekly live sessions, you'll also have educational content to read and watch asynchronously, and we'll guide you through what that is. You can expect to commit around 20 hours for this entire program over the course of the 6 weeks. Easy peasy!

Find your WHY.

Our very first week together, you'll meet your cohort members and two breakout groups, write out your climate story, and do an interactive exercise to find out where YOU should focus your impact.

Week 1

Understand your circumstances.

Taking action isn't an on-off switch. Based on last week's exercise, it's time to go deeper. Along with your breakout group, you'll discuss the stage of your life you're in to understand what's possible for you.

Week 2

Identify your influence network.

By this week, you've already found 2-3 members you can connect and collaborate with. It's time to form accountability structures that will incorporate the asynchronous lessons you've been taking. Let's take ownership!

Week 3

Break down perceived challenges.

It's time to uncover our limiting beliefs and discuss perceived challenges. We'll go over a few conversational frameworks to understand how to talk about the issues we care about, and then we'll practice these in our breakouts. Socially productive roleplay, anyone?

Week 4

Create commitments.

We're coming to the end of our course, so we need to revisit our accountability and ownership discussions. We'll put together everything we talked about over the past 4 weeks including your offline learning takeaways and discuss our commitments to each other, our communities, and our planet.

Week 5

Reflect on what's next and graduate!

We now arrive at a VERY important checkpoint: the end of our 6 week live gatherings! You now have the rest of the year (or more, if you renew your annual membership) to take action on everything we've talked about. But first, we'll reflect on the gifts we've received over the past few weeks and how we can incorporate them into our climate justice journeys.

Week 6

Onward: how will you give back?

It's action time. By now, you've made your own climate action plan, and we're all here to help each other fulfill our goals and live happier, healthier, more joyful lives. Wahoooo!



Hours a week to make a difference


Classmates in your Action Track - maximum!


Community members in our larger network

Should you sign up?

This community isn't for everyone. Signing up for anything is an important choice (even if it doesn't feel that way in today's one-click world) and this can help you decide if it's the right choice for you.

This is for you if:

You value diverse perspectives and are willing to listen

You're trying to reduce your consumption

You want to supercharge your sustainability career

You're struggling with accountability

You need feedback on a business or idea you're working on

You're looking to build a powerful community

You're eager and ready to take action


This is not for you if:

You're trying to just promote your brand

You believe in perfection over progress

You only care about individual action

You believe individuals have no responsibility

You think there's only one solution to climate change

You don't want to meet others

🙊🤢❌✨Please do not sign up😜🤡🚪🙉

What comes after
Climate Solutions Leadership graduation?

Here's a small sample of post-graduation life! Your first year of Soapbox Project community membership is included with this program.

Weekly events

Multiple participants smiling virtually in a cohort

Every month, we have an Accountability Hour, two fireside chats with experts on climate and social impact, and a virtual community gathering. We also encourage you host your own events, including accountability groups, meditation sessions, and anything else you dream of bringing to life!

Online resource libraries

We have a few different resource libraries within our community. For example, you can see 50+ replays of experts from famous authors, Indigenous activists, farmers, and more - all at your own convenience. We also have product libraries where we share discounts on cool stuff that helps us build sustainable habits. Lots to explore!!

Screenshot of our digital forum, which includes location-based channels, and recaps + recordings from previous events

Local action opportunities

Soapbox Seattle members getting popsicles at their local farmers market

We have local action hubs in major cities around the world where you can volunteer and/or get involved in policy change. Plus, local action leads often leads to best friends ;) Here's a few Soapbox Seattle members getting popsicles from the local farmer's market, right after we signed a petition for clean building energy. Also, we went karaoke-ing later that weekend.

Advocacy toolkits and templates

It can be difficult to filter for the best resources to level-up your advocacy, whether that's writing an email to your company or tagging a brand on Instagram to change their practices. We have this for you, ready to go! All you have to do is personalize it and make it your own.

Demonstrative examples of 3 worksheets: Identify your influence, Are you solving the right problem, and Accountability frameworks for systemic change

Leadership development

Screenshot of Grist's article "It should be easier for pros to find pro bono work" by Soapbox member Matt Karmel

We see you as a whole human. In addition to the standard impact-y stuff, we look out for YOU and your success. The more time you spend in our community, the more we can elevate you as an expert - here's a screenshot from an article we helped one of our members publish in Grist! We also hunt down mental health resources, recruiting opportunities, and more. We're here for anything you need.

What participants say

Don't take my word for it - hear from your new friends!

The accountability and inspiration I got from this cohort was exactly what I needed to make an impact during my day-to-day job. I wrote myself a new job description, got leadership buy-in, and even kept going after I got a "no" thanks to encouragement from this community!
Profile image for testimonial giver
Madison K.
Supply Chain Sales Professional
Having our cohort as a "practice arena" and actually talk through the script of social change made me a more confident and capable activist.
Profile image for testimonial giver
Rob C.
Customer Success Senior Manager
Over this cohort, I've really developed a sense of "being in this together". Even on weeks where we haven't had many updates, hearing others keeps the momentyum and accountability - this component has been the most valuable for me.
Profile image for testimonial giver
Zlato F
Branded Apparel Business Lead

Frequently asked questions

Click through to get your questions answered. There's a place on our sign-up form to ask more Q's!

What's the pricing structure of this course?
Arrow (clickable)

This cohort will be $449 and will include an annual membership. We also have a monthly payment plan, which is the cost of only one nice dinner a month. Also, if you work for a company, your employer will likely cover this sort of thing - check your learning & development budget or ask your manager!

How do I register?
Arrow (clickable)

All you have to do is sign up via our application form! There's an option to chat with one of our team members if you have questions that aren't answered here.

What happens after my first year as a member?
Arrow (clickable)

You can choose to renew your membership annually, and we hope you do. The best part of our 2023 relaunch is that YOU get to have a say in shaping the future of Soapbox. We're still figuring out what Year 2, 3, and beyond look like, but for now, members who have been with us for a while get to be mentors, find press opportunities to share their climate work, get selected to speak at conferences, and more. After Year 1, we'll transition from you finding your way to becoming a true climate leader.

What experience do I need to participate?
Arrow (clickable)

Formally - NONE!! The ONLY pre-requisite for this cohort is that you have an earnest desire to change yourself and engage in this topic with honesty and accountability*. If you commit to approaching this program with curiosity, prioritizing good impacts vs. good intentions, and focusing disagreements on systems vs. individual humans, this is for you.

Thanks Michelle Kim for these words.

If I'm a Soapbox Project Founding Member, do I have to pay for this?
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This experience is included if you're a Founding Member! We could not have gotten here without your support. We've emailed you info on how to join.

What if I want to participate but I can't afford it?
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If you don't have an employer or company budget that you can spend on this program, we are committed to finding you options. In the registration form, we'll ask you if you require a needs-based sponsorship from Soapbox Project.