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Our membership community is the most fun place for busy people like you to learn about climate justice solutions, create a personal action map, and build accountability with new friends. Deepen your curiosity and connections as you build lifelong relationships with other humans trying their best for our shared future! Sign up below to join our climate community center!

Pictures of various happenings within our community, including two members smiling and hanging out at the farmers market holding flowers, a post on how to call your elected officials, and a screenshot of a tree planting event invitation.

The struggle is real, but we can solve it together.

We've designed community around
doing good and feeling good.

do your intrusive thoughts sound like this?
"I want to do my part but I don't even know where to start."

We've created a curated resources for you based on what you're interested in. When you participate in our community onboarding and learn more about your Action Archetype, you'll get a sense of where YOU fit into building the world you want to live in.

"Do my actions even make a difference?"

When you surround yourself with a brilliant community of like-minded changemakers, you can see for yourself that your actions matter. We'll also help you find local actions you can take that are more tangible and accessible for you.

"I feel guilty for not doing enough."

Joining our community will help you calibrate your actions. You'll internalize that you ARE doing enough, just by being here, staying committed, and engaging with solutions. We'll guide you through doing the inner work of climate justice and caring for yourself. After all, a happy planet should mean happy people!

"How do I talk about it without coming off as judgmental?"

EVERYONE who comes to the Soapbox Project community struggles with climate conversations. That's why we've dedicated specific events and Action Hours to practicing these conversations in a protected space so you know how to navigate them in your own life.

"I feel isolated because my friends don't seem to care."

Caring about the planet is usually amazing. But it sucks when it feels like you're alone! When you come into the Soapbox Project community, you'll take a deep breath (literally, it's part of our live discussions lol). We're focused on taking action, but we also want you to find a deep sense of support and solidarity.

"I struggle to stay accountable when life gets in the way."

With demanding jobs, caregiving responsibilities, family stuff, and generally staying alive in this chaotic world, it can be hard to keep up with the actions you want to take! That's why we're huge on accountability. You'll find friends with either shared geographies and/or interests so we can all work towards our goals together!

We are ordinary humans doing extraordinary things

Eliminated up to *1 million* new parking spaces

Joseph and his neighbors worked together to remove parking minimums for their town (each eliminated space saves ~$50,000 and can then be used for transit and other public services!!). Sharing his progress inspired another member, Zoe, to figure out how to build a pedestrian bridge in her car-centric neighborhood.

Hosted a plant-based protein cooking lesson

Karen hosted an in-person gathering that rivals the best cooking classes in the world. Seattle Soapbox friends learned to make seitan, soy milk, tempeh, and tofu. The night was filled with recipe handouts, culinary tips, and laughs all around (especially when we messed up). Later in the year, Karen invited us to a food justice dinner to deepen our activism!

Found space to explore, try, fail, and try again

Moji has already been doing incredible work through her zero-waste consulting company... and with Soapbox Project, she found a different, more expansive kind of climate activism space.

What's included in your membership?

We've got you every step of the way.

We've got a well-organized, resource-packed online community space that helps you learn, connect, and take action. Here' are a few of our favorite activities and offerings:

Weekly events guided by an expert facilitator (hi)
Leadership pathways to get more engaged in the social justice space, like bringing Soapbox Project to your company or writing an opinion piece
Non-icky networking sessions to connect deeply with folks working on climate solutions in their personal and professional lives
Live fireside chats with authors, entrepreneurs, artists, organizers, researchers, and more to spark your curiosity
Small-group Rage Rooms to share and process our anxiety, grief, and anger around the climate crisis (and, y'know, the feeling of existential dread that comes with societal collapse)
A member directory that helps you connect 1x1 with people to find momentum, accountability, co-conspirators, or listening ears
Joy Jam discussions every month to remind each other to celebrate our wins and share our progress
In person gatherings in Seattle, New York, Bay Area, DC Metro, Phoenix... plus wherever you might want to help us expand!
Click this image of Nivi Achanta for a video overview of Soapbox Project
OUR SECRET SAUCe: real humans trying their best

You'll meet incredible allies, experts, & friends.

Self-discovery & growth

This is a group of thoughtful problem-solvers and encouraging humans who are ready to be your friend while taking care of our planet. I’m constantly growing thanks to the amazing speakers who present at our community every month. I am a better person because I joined the Soapbox community and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Cambria Whitcomb headshot

Cambria Whitcomb

Early employee at Churn, a circular economy business. Lives in fuzzy jackets in Chicago, USA
Life-changing knowledge

Climate education through Soapbox Project changed my life. After hearing from Jordan Todoroff, a textiles expert, talk about sustainable fashion, I literally think differently about every piece of clothing I touch, feel, and see.

I would sign up for anything Soapbox Project offers.

Garrett Rudolph headshot

Garrett Rudolph

Senior product manager, chaotic good jokester, and player of all games. Lives in Seattle, USA
Career development

The accountability and inspiration I got from my Soapbox Project friends when we talked about taking action at work was exactly what I needed to make an impact during my day-to-day job. I wrote myself a new job description, got leadership buy-in, and even kept going after I got a "no" thanks to encouragement from this community!

Madison Kime headshot

Madison Kime

Supply chain sales professional, cat mom, and pizza lover based in San Francisco, USA
A community for humans

In a world of surface-level networking groups, the vibe of Soapbox is incredibly welcoming, inspiring, and human. I love this community because it's a place that helps me stay engaged instead of letting climate anxiety create inaction.

Sophia Wagner headshot

Sophia Wagner

Founded Mighty Deposits, a transparent banking company. Makes her own hot sauce in Seattle, USA
Creative & fun activism

My favorite thing about Soapbox is the community, as well as how well-written and clear the learning content is to consume. You are truly making following environmentalism and climate change efforts so easy and fun. Like the art walk today was so cool and creative to include.

William Farrar headshot

William Farrar

Senior BDR at Axios + hosted a game of giant Jenga at a Soapbox meetup in San Francisco, USA
Supportive connections

Through Soapbox, I’ve gotten free tickets to sustainability film festivals, recommendations for policy change, and tips to sustainably move my 401(k) from my old job. Many social justice-oriented things I read are depressing, but Soapbox Project is informative, actionable, and supportive.

Aditi Pradhan headshot

Aditi Pradhan

Works at Sundance Institute and is currently writing a screenplay in Los Angeles, USA
a few of our favorite community moments

✨Vibe Check✨

We're all about joyful action, bite-sized (action-packed) learning, vibrant community building, and more. Are we the ones to fill the gaping void in your life?! (Jk but also not... Existential Void is what brought many of us together)

A collage showing Soapbox Project's 2023 actions including a letter to the editor win published in the Seattle times, getting 12% of company involved in earth month, a photo of a member in front of the Capitol, Bingo card making party, and more


Hours a week to make a difference


Classmates in your Action Track - maximum!


Community members in our larger network
the truth: should you sign up?

Is the Soapbox Project community for you?

This community isn't for everyone. We value courage and joy, and we're here to hold space for imperfect humans. Here are some things that can help you understand if this is the right choice for you.

This is for you if:

You're eager and ready to take action by modeling courage and joy

You want to explore your curiosity by meeting a diverse network of professionals and new friends

You want to learn from experts and hear intersectional perspectives for a better world

You want to level-up (or find) your sustainability career... but not in an icky, greenwashing way

You want to reduce your consumption while practicing how to talk about your actions with your loved ones

You are a human working on a project (a startup, a neighborhood advocacy idea, an internal company goal, etc.) and you are searching for co-conspirators

You're looking to build a powerful community and lead change


This is not for you if:

You're trying to just promote your brand

You think there's only one solution to climate change

You only care about individual action and are unwilling to examine systems-level factors

You believe individuals have no responsibility and that behavior change doesn't matter

You see climate change as a separate issue from other justice areas and are not interested in learning how they intersect

You believe in perfection over progress and are unwilling to forgive fellow community members or speakers if you disagree

Your anger and fear around the climate crisis is used to shame others (this may be valid and deserved in many cases, but we do not lead with shame in our community)

🙊🤢❌✨Please do not sign up😜🤡🚪🙉

Membership details

ok but how much does this wonderful place cost

We ask that you contribute $450 for the year*.

This helps us continue to provide FREE climate education to more than 8,000 people around the world, host life-changing events for you, and curate a space that we can do a good job of protecting. Soapbox Project isn't therapy, but it's helped numerous members navigate their despair and hopelessness around the climate crisis. We ask that you honor the work our team puts into it.


*We are soon announcing some big and ✅cool✅ changes. You get $100 off if you sign up before then, just as a lil treat. *Also, if you aren't in a place to financially contribute as much as we need from our members, the lil yellow button below has an option to chat more and find something that works!


Frequently asked questions

Click through to get your questions answered. There's a place on our sign-up form to ask more Q's!

How much does Soapbox Project membership cost?
Arrow (clickable)

Our membership is $449 for the year. We also have a monthly payment plan, which is the cost of only one nice dinner a month. Also, if you work for a company, your employer will likely cover this sort of thing - check your learning & development budget or ask your manager!

How do I register?
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All you have to do is sign up via our application form! There's an option to chat with one of our team members if you have questions that aren't answered here.

What happens after my first year as a member?
Arrow (clickable)

You can choose to renew your membership annually, and we hope you do. The best part of joining a community like this is that YOU get to have a say in shaping the future of Soapbox. We're still figuring out what Year 2, 3, and beyond look like, but for now, members who have been with us for a while get to be mentors, find press opportunities to share their climate work, get selected to speak at conferences, and more. After Year 1, we'll transition from you finding your way to becoming a true climate leader.

What experience do I need to participate?
Arrow (clickable)

Formally - NONE!! The ONLY pre-requisite for our community is that you have an earnest desire to change yourself and engage in this topic with honesty and accountability*. If you commit to approaching with curiosity, prioritizing good impacts vs. good intentions, and focusing disagreements on systems vs. individual humans, this is for you.

Thanks Michelle Kim for these words.

What if I want to participate but I can't afford it?
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If you don't have an employer or company budget that you can invest, we are committed to finding you options. In the registration form, we'll ask you if you require a needs-based sponsorship from Soapbox Project.

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