it's giving doomsday. but you're not giving up.

Create a better world with us!

Soapbox Project is here to help you incorporate courage and joy into your work. Whether you are trying to grow your audience, find a new platform to share the projects you're creating, or help those around you find purpose and connection in a world where it's hard to be a human, we've got a plan for you.

Our favorite partners to collaborate with are:
Companies who care about helping employees take care of their mental health in a burning world
Creators and content experts who are figuring out how to make their work more interactive, fun, and accessible
Advocacy and non-profit organizations who are seeking a larger, engaged platform to share their work
A collage sampling of events and partnerships we've done with three images. The first is a "choose your own activism" bingo card. The second is Nivi facilitating. The third is a group of 40 employees participating in a workshop
collaboration opportunities

Employee engagement workshops, feature opportunities, and more

We are best equipped to support and partner brands, creators, and workplaces who are looking for experts in community building, joy-centric leadership, and content engagement.

"How do you actually call your officials" discussion
Book an Action Hour at your organization

Bring courage and joy into your organization through our climate solutions Action Hours. Our most popular workshops that we do for small teams, ERGs, and company all-hands are:
✅ Choose your activism adventure
✅ Joy-centric leadership strategies for a better future
✅ Navigating climate anxiety and hard conversations
We also offer an annual package of monthly or quarterly Action Hours for workplaces that prioritize employee wellbeing and engagement.

book your event
Adelaida Caballero (top) and Figma employees (bottom) at a virtual letter-writing event to incarcerated people
Create an interactive program with us

Whether you are a climate science nonprofit with deep content knowledge or a company looking to build out personal and professional development on climate leadership, we can create a custom program for you. We have two options available: our signature six-week cohorts that are plug-and-play experiences for employee climate action, or six-week cohorts where YOU bring the content and we bring our facilitation expertise. No more boring events!!!

introduce yourself
Pictures of various happenings within our community, including two members smiling and hanging out at the farmers market holding flowers, a post on how to call your elected officials, and a screenshot of a tree planting event invitation.
Activate your audience

If you're a creator of a social impact or climate-related content project (newsletter! YouTube channel! carrier pigeon network!) and you've been wondering how to build a real relationship with them, we can help you launch a new membership community through our platform support program. Also, if you tried launching a community and it's dying, we will help you transition your members.

reach out
Climate friendly food fireside chat
Speak at a fireside chat with our community

Showcase your voice, share your ideas, and speak to the Soapbox community on a 30-minute virtual fireside chat! These are an intimate, casual, and authentic way to gain support on the work you’re doing. We offer all fireside chat speakers the opportunity to further amplify their work on our journal.

tell us more
Screenshot of a Grist article titled "It should be easier for pros to find pro bono climate work" written by Soapbox member Matt Karmel
Get featured on our blog

Our readers and community members are lifelong learners. Writing for Soapbox Project's Journal is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with our community! Your articles may also be submitted to larger climate news outlets as well. Yay!

Something Borrowed Blooms sponsorship example on our Changeletter
Sponsor our Changeletter

Our Changeletters are our free weekly bite-sized climate action plans: one weekly newsletter on a monthly topic. Sponsor a Changeletter and reach our 9,000 enthusiastic readers from all over the world!

what can we say? we know how to have a good time!

Our partners & clients say...

sponsorship success story

"I just wanted to say I think the newsletter is great, and thought you might enjoy knowing that you convinced me to move my retirement savings accounts into Carbon Collective. I love the idea of investing more in line with my values, and thanks for providing a clear avenue to do so!"

Carbon Collective Logo

Jon L.

from a Carbon Collective newsletter sponsorship

fun at an interactive partner event

"In the past six months, I took action. I bought an induction countertop cooking use my gas stove less. I loved it, so much so, I bought and installed an induction stove with a convection oven, and gave my countertop unit to my son to try."

Rewiring America Logo

Paul H.

from a Rewiring America event where we helped 300+ people feel like policy change could be FUN

warm & fuzzy & impactful action hour

"This is the most impactful event I've ever attended and I hope every employee gets the chance to experience it. I am super grateful to have done this event with my company -- Nivi and Soapbox Project make difficult things so easy and fun."

Clear Channel Outdoor logo

Noopur G.

from an Action Hour we did at Clear Channel Outdoor
loved by teams who care about their people and the planet
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We make it fun and easy for you to engage your people

It's never been simpler to host an unforgettable event. Whether you're inviting us to help you with a company all-hands, global conference programming, or Employee Resource Group support, Soapbox Project handles everything for you. We design the content, bring in any additional speakers, experts, and artists, and set you up with all the comms you need. Most events are facilitated personally by our founder Nivi Achanta, a professional speaker and community builder.

We're ready when you are.

Get our free bite-sized climate action plans before you go!

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