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Week 1

The first week of the month, you'll receive a few facts about our monthly topic. We'll include articles you can read if you want a deeper dive, but if not, we'll hand-pick the most important takeaways for you to know!

Week 2

Next, we add more perspective by sending you a short podcast or a video.

Week 3

We try not to play favorites, but this one's probably our favorite week. We give you at least 3 actions you can take based on the info we've provided so far - whether that's donating to a charity, voting on local policy, or holding your employer accountable.

Week 4

Finally, we wrap up. It would be a sad farewell, but we get to say hello to a new topic! In our last week, we include reader mail, interviews with experts, special perks related to our monthly topic, or additional resources that take what we learned to the next level.