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‍One monthly topic broken down over the four Wednesdays of the month!

Example article on ocean acidification
Week 1 | READ

The first week of the month, we'll send you some articles to read (and summarize the key takeaways for you).

Example video thumbnail: The Cult of Shein
Week 2 | WATCH

Then, we'll add more perspective to our monthly topic by sending you a short video.

Examples of actions: 1) 3 simple ways to use your money to save the world 2) 5 ways to build a more ethical closet
Week 3 | ACT

It's time to take action! You'll get 3+ tips, whether it's donating to a charity, signing a petition, writing to a brand, or doing something fun with a friend.

Worksheets, surveys, and reflections screenshot
Week 4 | REFLECT

Farewells don't have to be sad. We'll wrap up our monthly topic (by asking you to reflect on what you learned + acted on) and then introduce next month's topic!

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