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At Soapbox Project, we create joyful community spaces to transform climate anxiety into connection, learning, and action.

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here's why we exist

Our mission, vision, and values

We believe social and environmental justice is a cause for everyone.
And that taking action should feel good!

Our vision

We imagine a world where every living being belongs to a connected, joyful, and resilient community. In the Soapbox Project future, each human and non-human being lives a life of purpose and connection. We're living our best lives with our best friends on the best planet, and it's AWESOME!

Our mission

So, our mission, more specifically, is to help people feel better by doing better through community-led climate action. We’re here to make social and environmental justice easy and fun for busy people like you. Our focus is on working professionals, since we have the power and privilege to use our resources for good.

Our values

Our values are courage and joy! ALL our programming reflects at least one of these two values. The work is serious, but we don't have to take ourselves so seriously! We're dreaming of the world we WANT to live in, not the crisis we're fighting.

our work: local action for a global movement

Areas of focus

We deliver free educational content via our bite-sized climate action Changeletters. We build online and in-person community programming. We engage busy employees and organizations to meet them where they're at. Throughout it all, here's what we mean when we talk about connected, joyful, and resilient communities.

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Regenerative placemaking & community building

We build capacity for locally-rooted solutions that connect to a global movement. We're big believers in the importance of physical space. We have an online membership community with nodes in various cities. In 2024, we started testing pop-up climate community spaces, and we're currently on the lookout for real estate partnerships in Seattle!

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Joy-centric design & courageous connection

We infuse joy into our work as an organizing + leadership principle. We design our spaces (both online and in-person) to foster play, creativity, and imagination. We want climate action and social justice to feel more like a party than a protest or an icky networking event. At Soapbox Project, joy is not optional. It's the foundation of our work.

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Community-led climate resilience solutions

We help spaces transform into fun, community-led climate resilience hubs. Sadly, disaster preparedness is only going to become more critical as the climate crisis gets worse. We help businesses and community groups activate their members and supporters during non-emergency times, co-design what resilience means in the context of their community, and implement a plan together for a hangout space that's ready to help in case of emergency!

Our team

Kayla Hidayat

Climate Action Content Manager

Kayla Hidayat (she/her) is passionate about educating her community on all things climate and social justice. As Soapbox Project's Climate Action Content Manager, Kayla creates online resources to help make your climate action journey easy and fun! Kayla graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy where she learned how current systems impact our planet and communities. Now she is pursuing her MBA in Sustainability Management, focusing on the intersection of sustainability, social justice, and systems thinking. She brings experience from both nonprofit and corporate roles (like with the Golden State Warriors!), specializing in environmental education and community engagement.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she loves browsing bookstores, playing board games, and listening to podcasts. Send recs her way!

Nivi Achanta

Founder & CEO

Nivi Achanta is the founder and CEO of Soapbox Project, a cozy community that helps busy professionals transform their climate anxiety (that's us!) into meaningful change with learning, connection, and joyful action, both in-person and online! She is living her best life, with her best friends, on the best planet, and wants that for you too!

Nivi works, speaks, and writes at the intersection of sustainability, corporate engagement, and community building. She has been featured by the New York Times, Washington Post, Grist, Business Insider, and more for her community and climate work, and was named as a Nasdaq Woman to Watch. Before founding Soapbox Project, Nivi worked with companies like Accenture, Google, Facebook, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she specialized in employee-driven impact.

In addition to her work as a founder, Nivi supercharges community strategy for impact-aligned organizations, specifically focused on gender equality and climate justice. When she's not working on social change, you can find her in Seattle reading 100+ books a year, baking sourdough, and karaoke-ing with friends. You can also lurk on Nivi pretty much everywhere on the internet @niviachanta at your own risk. 😉

the research that informs our community's priorities

Climate anxiety is destroying us. Let's get rid of it!

Here are some helpful concepts and stats to know about as you navigate your social and environmental justice journey, taken from this climate anxiety study and this book about self-efficacy.

If you feel hopeless,you're not alone.

In a landmark study of 10,000 young people aged 16-25, 84% of respondents were worried about climate change, and over 50% felt “sad, anxious, angry, powerless, helpless, and guilty”.

Taking individual action matters more than you think.

It's easy to feel like our actions don't matter in the grand scheme of things. However, research shows that "every time you successfully take committed action, you increase your hope, optimism, and self-efficacy".

Building self- and collective efficacy is key to systems change.

"Self-efficacy is the belief that you, yourself, can effect positive change in your own life. Together, hope, optimism, and self-efficacy make up the secret sauce of unstoppable motivation and willpower."

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