We make climate action easy for you through our 4-part social justice funnel.

01 | You start with Changeletter, our bite-sized climate action newsletter. It's free, fun, and easy to read.

We take a monthly topic and break it down for you in 3 minutes every week. Click through the icons to see how!

Week 1

The first week of the month, you'll receive a few facts about our monthly topic. We'll include articles you can read if you want a deeper dive, but if not, we'll hand-pick the most important takeaways for you to know!

Week 2

Next, we add more perspective by sending you a short podcast or a video.

Week 3

We try not to play favorites, but this one's probably our favorite week. We give you at least 3 actions you can take based on the info we've provided so far - whether that's donating to a charity, voting on local policy, or holding your employer accountable.

Week 4

Finally, we wrap up. It would be a sad farewell, but we get to say hello to a new topic! In our last week, we include reader mail, interviews with experts, special perks related to our monthly topic, or additional resources that take what we learned to the next level.

02 | Then, join our community to multiply your impact.

It's the best community ever. As proven by the Very Scientific Opinion of our members.

Practice effective communication to talk about social & climate justice

Navigate the overwhelm by taking local action with IRL friends

Create long-lasting accountability structures to do our best work

03 | Our community-powered learning gets deep!

When you join our community, your annual membership starts with a 6-week cohort-based course to develop your personal climate action checklist.

04 | Level-up with events and more.

Here's a small preview of what we offer. Each year of membership makes you smarter, more accountable, and helps you feel a looottt better.

Screenshot of our event recaps including sustainable finance, creative writing for climate, renewable energy, transformative heeling, and more

Meet our Soapbox Squad!

Meet the team!

We know you already want to fight climate change... but if you aren't convinced by our content, maybe our smiling faces will do the trick. 🥰

Team photo of 3 women at a restaurant smiling

Meet Malena Hansen, our Design Director on the left. Then, in the middle, it's CEO and self-proclaimed Party Sorceress Nivi Achanta. On the right is Sanya Khan, our Marketing Lead! Connect with the team on Instagram @soapboxproject. (Nivi also tries to be funny making TikToks @soapboxproject.)

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How did we start? 🤔

Since fall 2020, Soapbox Project has been growing, learning, and fighting for justice right alongside you. (Unofficially, it was way before that... you know how it is.) Throw it back to November 2019, when we started Changeletter, our bite-sized climate action newsletter that's still alive and well today. We became an official company in September 2020 (yay for birthdays). In March 2021, we launched the first version of our membership community. We've since figured out a LOT of stuff around magical, high-impact, tight-knit community building since then. We're relaunching our community in January 2023 for even more fun, courage, and joy!

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This is where we work 💻

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area (with a stint in Seattle 👋🏽), we are working together while socially distant to get you your daily, weekly, and monthly doses of Soapbox.

Map of California with headshots overlayed to mark team member locations