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A joyful community space for neighbors who care about our planet 💚

You are meant to live your best life with your best friends on the best planet. Come make friends and eat dinner with your neighbors at Soapbox Seattle, a cozy pop-up community center. We'll dream about how we can make our city greener, safer, and happier... and then we'll make it happen together.

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Great neighbors do great things together.

Find connection and purpose at Soapbox Seattle. When you come hang out here, you will:

Replace helpless, lonely, and overwhelmed feelings about the climate crisis with confidence, new friends, and reliable information
Meet besties who are within walking/biking distance of you
Find an activism space that is FUN, structured, and meets you where you are
Learn about environmental and social justice efforts from local experts
Take action with like-minded neighbors (and now, new friends) who will be in your corner as we navigate hard things together
what you'll actually do

Here are 3 things you'll experience by the end of every evening.

Every Tuesday in March and April from 6-9pm, you can drop by Soapbox Seattle for however long your heart desires. Your ticket includes food, drinks, games, social connections, discussion prompts, guest speakers, and easy advocacy actions. Each person who supports this pop-up sends a message to Seattle that we need better, permanent social spaces.


We'll go beyond surface-level connection through intentionally curated games, activities, and challenges. Maybe you'll get to know your neighbors by beating them at giant Jenga (sustainability themed, of course). Or maybe you'll share your hopes and dreams with a new friend and rant about how much you need a stop sign next to Midnight Cookie.

Our social hour will include introvert-friendly, low-energy activities.


No boring lectures here! Each Tuesday in March and April features a Q&A or workshop with a different Seattle expert, policymaker, activist, or changemaker leading social and environmental justice efforts in Seattle. Each week will have a different topic, and you'll get the full schedule after you RSVP.


There are no (healthy) shortcuts to putting in the reps. Now that your brain is nice and full, we'll practice what we learned together. You'll receive some options for each week's topic, like practicing climate conversations, committing to a new habit, submitting public comment, etc. Taking action with friends will help you build courage together and reframe activism as a truly joyful act.

Frequently asked questions

Click through to get your questions answered. There's a place on our sign-up form to ask more Q's!

How much does it cost to participate?
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We ask that you invest $33 for every evening you choose to attend. Plant-based food and drinks are included. You can also purchase an annual Soapbox Project membership for $449, which will include this pop-up series along with other programming we do throughout the year which you can see here.

Do I need to RSVP in advance?
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We have a max occupancy of 50, so if you want to guarantee a spot, please RSVP in advance. That's also the best way to make sure you're getting the event schedule and any changes.

I'm not sure which evenings to go to. Can you help me choose?
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Well, of course we'd love to see you at all of them (consistency is key!!), but this is our guidance: choose one evening where the topic already aligns with something you're interested in, and one evening where you are really not sure what the heck you might learn. Wahooooo curiosity!

What experience do I need to participate?
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Formally - NONE!! The ONLY pre-requisite for this cohort is that you have an earnest desire to change yourself and engage in this topic with honesty and accountability*. If you commit to approaching this pop-up with curiosity, prioritizing good impacts vs. good intentions, and focusing disagreements on systems vs. individual humans, this is for you.

Thanks Michelle Kim for these words.

What if I want to participate but I can't afford it?
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Our community center, for now, is specifically geared at well-intentioned professionals who are likely consuming more than their fair share of resources, thanks to the wealth and privilege we already have. If you are an activist or community organizer who would benefit from shaping this space and vice versa, we'd love to gift you a one-evening guest pass, and we can chat more then. Email!

If you're dreaming of a better world, you're not alone.

We all want to live our best lives with our best friends on the best planet. But it's not easy when we're facing existential threats to our environment and living lives more disconnected than ever.

"It's so hard to make friends as an adult. I wish it was easier to know my neighbors and do fun things together!"
"Going to bars after work as the only option for social plans sucks. Why aren't there more meaningful places to hang out?"
"I feel helpless about everything going on in the world. I feel isolated because I don't know who else cares or whom I can talk to."

Make a difference & make friends in Seattle!

Welcome to a place for busy changemakers like you. When you join our community, you can easily get involved in local action, multiply your impact for structural change, and have fun while doing good!

Our community gives you room to express yourself fully, meets you where you are, and encourages your activism journey. Even if it's just baby steps.

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Here's some of our shenanigans

In addition to our general member perks mentioned below, the Soapbox Seattle squad has been up to some fun stuff. Click through and see for yourself!

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Community member perks and more

$6 per month
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FREE access to all Soapbox-hosted events ($6-$20 monthly value)

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Biweekly+ fireside chats with climate and social justice experts

Product library with sustainable lifestyle replacements and discounts

Social impact & sustainability job board updated weekly

10+ downloadable guides to help you discuss climate change with family & friends

15+ pre-written email templates to help you advocate for change as an employee and consumer

Locally curated actions to help you make a difference in your city

We're in this together!

It's easy to feel helpless and small as we face overlapping crises. Soapbox Seattle is a place to empower each other to take control of what we can. This journey is hard, but it doesn't have to be lonely. We deserve better options to feel good and do amazing things together!

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