Make a difference while bonding with your teammates!

We all know the feeling: you want to make a difference in the world, but you've got priorities.

It can be difficult to get away from work, balance your social life, AND give back to the community, so why not do it all in one place? 

Your team will thank you, and nothing brings people closer than working in community to a common, positive goal. See you soon!

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Climate Imagination: create the world you want to live in

Interested in how art, film, creativity, and wonder can inspire us to work towards a better future?

During this hour, you'll get skills and practice opportunities to become a more creative, vibrant, and hopeful climate activist!

In the first half of our Action Hour, you'll hear from our awesome speakers on what climate imagination and creativity means to them. They're coming in from creative writing, film, and journalism to tell us the future they imagine and how they nourish their creativity outside of work.

In the second half, you'll get to spend time with speakers of your choice who will guide you through some activities and prompts like:

  • What does 2200 look like to you?
  • Draw what matters to you.
  • What does your media intake look like and how does it affect your worldview?

Create the Future: creative writing for the planet

Come join Soapbox Project and Create the Future for three writing prompts that help us create the world we want to live in!

Make friends and learn new skills as we examine what our homes look like, dialogue with the future, and practice empathy through storytelling.

We'll go through an immersive sensory activity, character creation, descriptive writing, and more!

This is a truly magical workshop that expands our horizons, makes us feel more connected with each other and our world, and gives us inspiration on where to go next.


Electrify Your Life: clean energy for your home and life

In this “Electrify Your Life” home energy workshop, we’re bringing in home energy and renewables experts for you, so whether you are a renter or home owner, you’ll know how to make a significant structural impact on a cleaner, safer, and healthier world!

This is a great opportunity to upgrade your crib while making it planet-friendly — you can save carbon, time, and money. It’s a win-win!

This will be a 1-hour interactive workshop, where participation and reflection are highly encouraged. Come with any questions you have, and our panelists will be happy to answer them! You'll leave this Action Hour with a clean energy roadmap and next steps that work for you, thanks to our partners, from companies like YellowTin, MeterLeader, and Rewiring America, who are some of the folks you may hear from.


Find Your Voice in Climate Action

Want to take action on climate change and social issues in your community but don't know how to start? Tired of turning off lights, recycling, and being told it doesn't matter? In this collaborative workshop, we'll draw our social justice Venn Diagrams inspired by the "Is Your Carbon Footprint B.S?" episode of How to Save a Planet, plus more resources provided by our partners at Seed My Future. Making a difference -- whether it's on climate change or something else -- isn't just about sacrifice. It's about tradeoffs that can be positive too, and we'll help you find your voice in a way that's joyful, meaningful, and fun.


Journal for Wellness

Our partners at the Climate Journal Project help people become closer to the planet through a climate focused journal practice. During this workshop, we will create a space where we can learn more about climate events affecting us locally, strategies to cope with the stress and eco-anxiety, and steps we can take to turn helplessness into action. This action hour has an emphasis on participants' well-being: after providing some facts and context about the climate crisis, Yvonne, the founder of the Climate Journal Project will share some guided reflections and challenges. Her experience leading climate journaling circles has helped hundreds of tech and business workers build resilience against eco-anxiety to live with greater joy and purpose as we navigate our environmental changes.

Yvonne was featured by the United Nations for her work tackling mental health and climate justice. She's an expert on environmental justice, climate education, and economic and food insecurity -- all serious topics, but ones she handles with optimism and joy. Join us as we strengthen internal healing to ultimately strengthen planetary healing! For this workshop, you also have the option to add on digital or physical journals for your team members if they want to continue this practice on their own.


Letter-Writing to Incarcerated People (Supplies Included)

Prisons are characterized by isolation and dehumanization -- this simple act of letter-writing, especially during COVID, makes a huge difference in the lives of people on the inside.

This will be a protected space where you can ask questions, learn from people with different experiences, and make new connections. In the first half of the hour, you'll hear from Adelaida Caballero, our formerly incarcerated co-host. We'll talk about her experiences giving birth in prison, what it was like to rebuild her life, and common misconceptions about the prison system. For many of our participants, this is the first time they get to engage so openly with someone who has been incarcerated. Adelaida and the Soapbox team are so excited to have you!

Please note: you can participate asynchronously too. If you can't make the time, we will still send you supplies + instructions with the event recording.


Make Your Money Matter Part 1: healthy financial futures

This event is the foundation to building your sustainable finance future. This financial literacy workshop will help attendees learn and unlearn their money stories, understand various money management approaches, set wealth goals, and identify tools that will not only boost their own financial well-being, but support their communities and the planet.

We'll invite experts like personal finance coaches or financial advisors who can answer questions you have, like different types of investment vehicles, using your wealth to create equity, and more.


Make Your Money Matter Part 2: sustainable and equitable finance

Is your hard-earned $$ funding climate change? Join us in an action hour where we learn + get started with divesting from fossil fuels. We recommend this as a follow-up to our Make Your Money Matter Part 1 workshop, but it can be done separately.

Sustainable finance is one of those topics that many of us know about... but have been dragging our feet getting started. It's often a convoluted topic, but the good news is, our action hour will simplify what divesting from fossil fuels entails, how we can get involved through our own assets, and you'll actually have some time to DO IT during our hangout. We'll start with a Q&A with a sustainable finance expert, followed by 20 minutes set aside solely for you to take action in a way that works for you.

Whether that's opening a sustainable retirement portfolio and moving over your 401(k), switching your bank, or getting started with impact investing, you'll have taken action before the end of our hour together -- and that action will literally compound! As a corporate employee, you also have the power to change where your company puts its money. This is a HUGE step towards a decarbonized and clean future. Let's go!


Zero-Waste Meal Planning Workshop

Welcome to a virtual event where you'll have the opportunity to get fun recipes while fighting climate change within your own kitchen! Join Soapbox Project and our partner Alison Mountford, founder of Ends+Stems for a "What's in your fridge?" meal planning workshop.

Food waste is a rampant problem — 1/3rd of our food is wasted or lost each year and food waste causes 8% of global emissions. It's our biggest opportunity for meaningful individual action — plus, it's a tasty problem to solve!

This will be a 1-hour workshop. Set up shop near your fridge, because we'll be doing a real-time audit of how YOU can personally reduce waste and meal plan in a way that saves time, money, and the planet!

Plus, you basically get the advice of a chef icon; Alison is a Le Cordon Bleu alumna who has:

  • Cooked for VP Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, and Marc Benioff (you could be next...)
  • Hosted cooking demos with celebrity chefs like Dominique Crenn and Top Chef winners
  • Saved the equivalent of 2 million slices of pizza through her Ends+Stems meal planning service

Come save some more pizza and help your team save over an hour of their precious time each week.