Team building events for a better world

Business as Usual was over a long time ago. Your teammates at work are struggling with burnout, disengagement, and grief. These are natural feelings as a human on a warming planet, and we can do something about it. Soapbox Project's corporate Action Hours are informative, interaction, and fun (yes, even when talking about hard things like the destruction of our home!!).

In only an hour together...
72% of participants feel more hopeful for our future
84% of attendees feel more equipped to create a safe planet
90% of people are looking for more opportunities to do more and be a leader to others
loved by teams who care about their people and the planet
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We make it fun and easy for you to engage your teams

It's never been simpler to host an unforgettable event. Whether you're inviting us to help you with a company all-hands, global conference programming, or Employee Resource Group support, Soapbox Project handles everything for you. We design the content, bring in any additional speakers, experts, and artists, and set you up with all the comms you need. Most events are facilitated personally by our founder Nivi Achanta, a professional speaker and community builder.

all our events can be curated for you but...

Our most popular events