Making a difference should feel good.

Figuring out how to make an impact can be kinda stressful.

It feels like we're constantly forced to choose between excessive paywalls, judge-y sustainability groups, and doomscrolling on the internet. Yes, social change is difficult, but it shouldn't be this overwhelming.

In our Soapbox Project community, we recognize that you're a real human doing your best. We also know that you don't need to be perfect.

Our community is the internet home for changemakers like you. We're building a protected space that gives you room to express yourself fully, meets you where you are, and encourages your activism journey. Even if it's just baby steps.

We're here to help you leverage your individual actions for structural change. In our community, you'll make an impact on issues you care about with new friends who care about you. This work is serious, but multiplying your impact with a community makes it fun!

Check out these FAQs if you have questions and take a lil tour below to see what this looks like.

What's included?


FREE access to weekly action-oriented events

Product library with sustainable lifestyle replacements and discounts

Small group coffee chats with like-minded friends

Locally curated actions and IRL hangouts to help you make a difference in your city

20%+ discounts on courses like sustainable fashion and planet-friendly food

Pre-written email templates to help you advocate for change as an employee and consumer

Community ownership (we are working on this currently!)

Questions about the Soapbox community

  1. What's the point of joining this community?

    Since fall 2019, we've been producing social impact and sustainability content that's been me (Nivi) shouting into the void and hoping something happens. I'm kinda joking, but most of our programming has been newsletter-based. I've been talking to thousands of people, but people rarely talk back. (If you have replied to any of my emails in the past, you're my favorite and I'm doing this for you.)

    The three most frequent pieces of feedback I get regularly are: 1) I wish I knew what sustainable actions other readers are taking, 2) I wish there was a way to know if my actions actually matter, and 3) fighting for climate and social justice is overwhelming; I wish I had a close-knit community.

    This community will finally allow us to all talk to each other, hold each other accountable, and keep each other inspired and energized. We'll finally be able to start adding up our actions and discussing how our efforts multiply (one of our 2021 goals is to build a community-based action tracker).

  2. What makes this community different from all the other communities? Especially since many of those are free?

    I get this question a LOT and to be honest, I've asked it to myself. I'm even going to share some of my favorite free ones with you: Work on Climate (Slack), Climate Changemakers (Slack), and Sustainable Asian Traits (FB) are some of the groups I've grown to love.

    However, every climate and social impact group has felt a little overwhelming to me, for various reasons. Part of it might be that I don't love Slack of Facebook that much. The other part is I usually feel like the groups I'm in either have too much going on, aren't focused enough on action, or both.

    My goal with this community is to create a space where anyone, across experience and interest levels, is welcome and can take meaningful action without spending too much time. In many of the channels (like our product spotlight), I'm hand-picking what I believe is best. You love our newsletter because we tell you exactly what to do, and some of our community channels will be similarly curated by me, with help from you.

    The Soapbox community also won't just be a place for climate conversations. My goal is to build it intersectionally, not just through our members but also through our topics; after all, climate change is deeply related to all other social issues.
  3. Is there a way I can test it out without paying?

    We have a two week free trial.
  4. What if I want to join but I can't afford it?

    Sustainability movements can feel prohibitively expensive and/or accessible only to wealthy people, and I'm not here for it. That's why we set a low monthly rate, and it's further discounted if you get an annual membership. Again, your rates are locked in.

    A main goal of making Soapbox user-supported instead of sponsor-supported is so I can prioritize your needs and wishes instead of chasing advertisers. If you're paying for something, you're also much more likely to engage - we've charged for all our events so far and had 90%+ attendance rates, as opposed to the 30% I usually see with free ones. I hope for a similar level of community participation.

    If you really can't swing it, I recommend testing it out for free (see above) and deciding if it's a good investment of your money. If you have an exceptional situation, please email me and we can figure out how else you might contribute if not financially.
  5. I have a question that you haven't answered.

    Email me!