Big Oil wants climate change

Big Oil Wants Climate Change

In this post, we read, listen, act, and reflect on October's topic: Big Oil. This blog has been adapted from our sustainability newsletter, so please sign up for it to stay in the loop.

What’s covered:

This week's conversation starter

This prompt is for you to ask your friends and family - especially if they're thinking about climate change less than you are. I'll share one every week.

What do you think about renewable energy? Have you considered using it?

READ: Facts about Exxon and Big Oil

The following is taken from this Bloomberg report and this Motley Fool article (I recommend reading the Bloomberg one). Both articles reference a leaked Exxon internal document.

Exxon put out a press release claiming that the Bloomberg report is misleading, but I think I'll take my chances and stand by this report. You can read Exxon's statement here.

There's good news, though. Plus, more info on the history of this colossal problem. Sources are linked if you want to learn more.

This week's conversation starter

This prompt is for you to ask your friends and family - especially if they're thinking about climate change less than you are. I'll share one every week.

Why do you think our weather patterns change from year to year? What's the wildest weather event you've experienced in your life?

LISTEN: How powerful is Big Oil?

Confession: I didn't know about climate deception until earlier this year. I mean, I knew that oil companies were kinda responsible for covering up climate change, but I didn't understand that it was a whole ass conspiracy theory.

The main video I wanted to share with you below has more facts, but I had to show you this 3-minute one for #ConspiracyVibes. Honestly, it almost seems fake with all the eerie background music. I wish it was.

So, option 1, watch the spooky video titled Big Oil Knew: The Confusion Memo. It's short and has a good timeline on how Exxon and its buddies created a decades-long cover up that's made its way to the American White House today.

Option 2: Watch this other NowThis video "How Powerful is Big Oil?" I've embedded it below, and if you keep scrolling, I've included 3 facts to encourage you to watch. It's only 3 min - you might as well exit out of this newsletter and check out the video, since it's basically the same amount of time.

Fact snack | Video Recap

Today's Changeletter was a bit doom and gloom, but I just want to let it sink in that we can only substantially fight climate change when we act on a corporate level. And I see y'all out there with your corporate employers - but don't worry. We'll help you make a plan, starting with our voting party.

ACT: 3 baby steps to take down the bad guy, Big Oil

It seems like Big Oil was the right topic to pick this month. In our Listen module, we talked about how much unchecked power they have and a few days ago, the President of the United States "hypothetically" asked Exxon for a $25 million campaign donation. Exxon denied it, just like they denied wanting to increase CO2 emissions this year.

Today, I'm listing out 3 actions you can take towards the fight for a greener, less oil-dependent future.

It's time to end our reliance on Big Oil. It'll take a while to get there, but we can start in reeeaaaallly easy ways. I've done all three of these only after COVID started, so I believe in you to also take the first step. Please reach out if you need more resources -- we're here for you at or on social media.

Anyway, here it is, easy, medium, and medium-advanced:

  1. Divest from Big Oil. Do you have oil and gas stocks in your portfolio? Can you switch them out for renewable energy stocks and ETFs? Check out these recommendations and let me know what you think.

  2. Switch your bank. A majority of investment banks including Chase invest heavily in fossil fuels. I recently used Mighty Deposits to find a bank that works for me — instead of investing in dirty energy, my money is going towards building community and boosting small businesses.

  3. Use less plastic. You're probably slammed this week with emails/calls/texts from political campaigns. You already know the importance of voting, so I'll keep this last action simple. As we learned in Plastics 101, crude oil and natural gas are the main ingredients in plastic. Keep up your fight against Big Oil by reducing single-use plastic — our habits have the power to add up and cascade to the source.

That's it for now with our Act module. I have a lot more to say on Big Oil and $$$, but we'll chat more in our next module. See you soon!