Thank you for being a potential guest on one of our podcasts! We appreciate your time and enthusiasm. Before your interview, please read over our podcast release agreement and the logistics & tips below.

The interview will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and will be edited to fit our 20~ minute episodes.

You can use this template to share the episode after its release on all your social media channels! Please tag us at @soapboxproject on Instagram.


how should i record?

  • Please try to have your laptop and your phone on you during the interview.

  • Before we begin, start recording on the Voice Memo app (or equivalent) on your phone. After the interview, you will upload your .mp3 or .wav file into this folder. (Fun fact: the best quality remote interviews are made possible by hosts and guests recording interviews on two separate tracks!)

  • Prior to the interview, you will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom video conferencing link - this will be recorded. Please make sure to test this beforehand (as well as the microphone you’ll be using) to avoid technical difficulties. This Zoom recording will be our backup file and will save automatically to my computer.

where should i record?

  • Ensure you have a location that is quiet and undisturbed. A conference room or a bedroom with minimal noise can work. We want to be sure we can hear you—speak slowly, clearly and naturally.

  • Please avoid jewelry or accessories that may be loud and/or metallic, as it might interfere with the quality of the recording.

  • Make sure whatever mic you use doesn't rub against or move on any fabrics or surfaces—you may not hear it but the mic sure does.

Preparation & Tips

Interview best practices

  • Feel free to come armed with facts, statistics, and personal anecdotes to share during our interview. We love specificity!

  • Have an idea of what you would change or do differently to address a social problem to spark ideas for our listeners.

  • We believe in creating empathetic content that can turn into actionable change. We love it when guests come prepared with concrete tips for creating a better future (this includes resources, partnerships, and organizations our listeners can donate to to make a difference).

Sharing the Episode

easy sharing template - get schooled

Get Schooled is a monthly podcast about education that aims to inspire listeners to fix the education system by sharing stories of systemic challenges. Despite these issues persisting every day, we rarely hear about them - but now it’s time to change that. I’m excited to share my experience about ___ during my interview with @niviachanta. Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, or any streaming platform!

  • GET SCHOOLED TWITTER HANDLE: @getschooledpod